Everything You Need to Know About Design Seed

The folks at Design Seed realize that a one-size fits all approach doesn’t necessarily work for everyone, so they make a point to work with customers in order to adapt their services to fits their client’s needs.

Considering becoming a subscriber at Design Seed? Wondering if this unlimited graphic design service is worth the subscription price? Well, with this Design Seed review, our editors hope to answer those questions and more so that you can find out everything you need to know about this unlimited graphic design service before you sign up.

As you read through this comprehensive overview of Design Seed, we will provide you with lots of information about this unlimited graphic design service and go over what they have to offer.

Unfortunately, because there aren’t enough user reviews posted online at this time for Design Seed, our editors are unable to analysis and tabulate a score for this graphic design firm. Please check back for that later as we are sure that we will be able to provide you with an Outsourcing Compared Score soon. In the meantime, read on to learn more about Design Seed and all that they have to offer.


An Intro to Our Review of Design Seed

Design Seed is an unlimited graphic design service whose mission is to provide digital agencies, businesses both large and small, and start-ups with graphic design services at an affordable rate.

The folks at Design Seed realize that a one-size fits all approach doesn’t necessarily work for everyone, so they make a point to work with customers in order to adapt their services to fits their client’s needs.

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Design Seed Homepage

Design Seed’s Services

Here’s What Design Seed Has to Offer

Design Seed offers a wide variety of services to their customers. While Design Seed states that they can handle most projects and even mentions that, if it can be made in Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign, they can normally take on the project, there are a few things that this company won’t tackle. For example, if you’re looking for motion graphics, hand-drawn illustrations, 3D design, CAD design, video editing, animation, or photography then Design Seed isn’t the service for you.

In addition to their normal graphic design work, Design Seed also offers web design services with some of their plans. This consists of producing simple website designs of up to 5 pages. If this aspect of their service interests you, then do keep in mind that coding is not included and their web design services take longer than their normal 1-5 day turnaround.

While the designers at Design Seed already provide quick turnaround, there may be times when you have an urgent request. If that happens, just contact Design Seed to let them know and they will work to assist you in getting your rush job completed.

The graphic design projects that Design Seed can undertake are quite vast and include the following.

A Sampling of the Types of Work Design Seed Can Deliver

FlyersPowerPoint PresentationsBrochuresCatalogues
Web BannersPostersBusiness CardsLetterhead
Promotional GraphicsPackagingLabel DesignsInfographics
T-shirt GraphicsBookletsDecal DesignsStore Displays
Book CoversMenusWallpaperWeb Design (Up to 5 pages)

Design Seed Testimonial

Hear What a Design Seed Subscriber Has to Say

Plans and Pricing Options

Design Seed’s Subscription Options

Design Seed offers three service plans. They are the Seed, Business, and Enterprise plans. All of these plans can be subscribed to on a monthly basis, but committing to a longer subscription will bring you greater savings.

Design Seed Plans and Pricing Options

Design Seed advertises their lowest level plan as being perfect for start-ups and small businesses. On the Seed plan, you can expect to have their designers work on one design at a time with only two tasks being completed in a given month. One brand profile is included with this plan and you can expect a turnaround time of five business days for your tasks to be completed. It’s also important to note that, with this plan, you are prohibited from submitting certain design requests and resale of your deliverables is not allowed.

Next is the Business plan, which Design Seed says is suited to growing businesses or marketing agencies. Choosing the Business plan sees an improvement in features with two designs being completed concurrently and the number of tasks that you can submit per month being increased to an unlimited amount. In addition, your turnaround time is reduced to 1-3 business days and an unlimited number of brand profiles may be added to your account. Finally, the design tasks that are prohibited on the Seed account are available to subscribers of this plan.

The Enterprise plan, which Design Seed touts as being an all-rounder, is much like the Business plan with two mains differences. Firstly, with this service plan, three designs will be worked on concurrently. Secondly, the Enterprise plan allows you to take advantage of the social media management feature offered by Design Seed. With this management, their team will create graphics for your social media account and, once they have been approved, they will schedule them to post on your social media accounts using a program called Buffer.

In what seems to be a unique twist, Design Seed allows its clients to pause their subscriptions anytime. This ability is beneficial because it means that you can avoid paying for a subscription when you don’t need any design work and then reactive your plan when the need arises.

The Collaboration Process

How Collaborating Works at Design Seed

After signing up to your selected plan, you will then be provided with more detailed instructions on the collaboration process along with your account information. Design Seed follows this process to ensure that their project management system has all of the information that it needs to make your time as a Design Seed client proceed seamlessly.

To begin your collaboration with the team at Design Seed, simply navigate to their Task Portal. Here you can submit your first request as well as manage projects.

In order to get the most out of your collaboration, Design Seed asks that you provide as much information as possible when submitting your request and that you ensure that they have everything that they need in order to carry out your design project. To make the request process a bit easier, the Task Portal also includes a few questions for you to answer about your task, so your designer will better be able to understand the specific details associated with your project.

The designers at Design Seed work day and night to service their clients and, because their team members are located both in the US and overseas, it’s just possible that you might be able to communicate with your designer directly through chat should your time zones align.

Wrapping Up

Summing Up Our Review of Design Seed

The fact that Design Seed appears to be so willing to cater to their client’s needs will certainly make this company attractive to those searching for an unlimited graphic design service provider. And, with so many project-types included in Design Seed’s General Graphics Designs service area, there isn’t much that this company won’t provide to their clients.

The Final Rating

The Outsourcing Compared Score for Design Seed

Unfortunately, there aren’t enough user reviews online at this time for us to tabulate a score for this unlimited graphics design company. Check back soon to see when we are able to update this company’s rating information.

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